Instagram Advertising

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Instagram Advertising

Instagram Advertising
Instagram has more than 1 billion active users
80% of users
follow at least one business account.
2 million businesses
There are currently advertising on Instagram.
The Fresh Clicks Media advertising team knows how to leverage your Instagram posts so that they’re memorable, compelling, and drive traffic to your website. We know the ins and outs of branded hashtags, creative content, and fashionable images..
Instagram Advertising
Here are the different types of Instagram ads we build for our clients:
Single photo
Single photo: A straight-forward post that promotes your service or product with a hashtag, caption, and link to your website.
Multi-Photo Carousel
Multi-Photo Carousel: this advertisement features multiple slides, which allows businesses to feature more than one product or service at a time..
Slideshow: This type of ad features self-rotating images. Viewers are shown slides automatically, as opposed to clicking through them manually.
30 to 60 Second Videos
30 to 60 Second Videos: Videos give companies more time to tell a story about their product or service.
Whatever industry your business is in, it can benefit from advertising on this photo-centered social media platform. What makes Instagram advertisements different than any other is their simplicity and the way in which viewers are naturally intrigued by images.
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